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The Bitcoin Idea Bitcoin is more than a great idea put into code. It's more than a commodity or a currency.

Power Consumption Bitcoin mining can be hazardous. Be pro-active and monitor your power consumption.

Most Popular GPU Miners

AMD 6990 Dual GPU Card

AMD 5850 Single GPU Card

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Currency Revolution

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Getting Started: Build your rig

If you have built plenty of your own high-end gaming machines in the past, then building a Bitcoin mining rig will be no problem for you at all. What you likely need to know is just what hardware works best. Click Here to visit the quick start page to get the information that you require, without all of the newbie steps.

If you've never built your own computer or never worked with higher-end gaming machines which require more power, more airflow, and better cooling, then you might want to read the full startup guide. Click Here to get started with an in-depth guide that will help you build a mining rig that works for you.

Don't forget about Bitcoin mining power consumption!

If you live in an older house, an apartment, or already have plenty of electronics plugged into your circuits, then be sure to read the Bitcoin Mining Power Consumption Guide by Clicking Here. Don't risk your investment or your home by causing a fire.

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